Sunday, April 15, 2018

First bite of Paper Moon's New Cookies & Bars

New dessert options from Paper Moon Café!

First, the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Brownie.

It's a block of moist dark chocolate brownie dappled with bits of pistachio and chocolate chips. Not too sweet and filled with delicious bittersweet chocolate taste. Kinulang nga lang sa pistachios. 

Next is the Chocolate Cheesecake Cookie.

Dark chocolate cookie with a cheesecake center. The cookie itself is DELICIOUS, chewy, moist, and bitter. The creaminess and subtle sweetness of the cheesecake complements the dark chocolate flavor of the cookie.

Perfect with coffee!

Next, the Blueberry Walnut Blondie.

It's a blondie (not a brownie because it uses vanilla and brown sugar, not chocolate. Kaya mas maputi sa brownie) with chunks of dried blueberries and chopped walnuts.

Not bad. The bar is moist and chewy, and hindi masyadong matamis. Kinulang lang nang kaunti sa blueberry flavor. And maybe, the bar would be more interesting if the walnuts were salted.

Last is the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie. It's a chewy chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with salt.

Sarap! Kumpleto ang lasa: tama ang tamis ng cookie, mapait yung chocolate chips, and the salt brings home the flavor.

This is probably one of the best chocolate chip cookies out there.

Each of these treats cost Php 60.

Try them and judge for yourself.

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