Sunday, July 2, 2017

First bite at Baker & Cook

Place: The decor is classy. The restaurant is a bit cramped though. The music also plays too loud. And there's a restless energy inside, making the atmosphere not conducive to quiet eating.

Food: Disappointing, overpriced.

First on our table is Savory Pair of Tart & Salad (Php 355), featuring the Lychee Walnut Salad and the Wild Mushroom & Bacon Tart.

There's nothing great about the salad. Sure, the greens are fresh and crisp, but the flavors are all too familiar (dressing is made with olive oil and balsamic vinegar). And the walnuts and lychee pieces are too few to be really enjoyed.

The tart is bland! Absolutely no flavor! We have to spread some salad dressing on the tart and dust it with black pepper for flavor! And with its price tag, this Not-So-Savory Pair feels like highway robbery.

For dessert, we have a slice of Chocolate Indulgence cake (Php 145). This one tastes like the Chocolate Cake Roll of Red Ribbon. It's not bad, but not indulgent either.

For our drink, we have the Dark Chocolate Espresso (Php 135). This is a coffee concoction that tastes like any of the 3-in-1 coffee mixes of Nescafe. It's TOO SWEET! Absolutely no bitterness from the dark chocolate or the coffee. Even its "salty cheese" topping is useless in tempering the sugary taste.

Price: Considering taste, quality, and serving size, the food here is OVERPRICED. The ordinary taste does not match the hefty price tags.

Service: Quite bad. The cashier seems clueless about her job. The waiters are stressed because they seem to be doing 10 tasks at a time. And the manager seems oblivious to the mess! And it takes a while to settle the bill.

Also, the male manager on duty keeps on putting his arms around certain female waiters. Isn't that sexual harassment?!

Bake & Cook is at UP Town Center.

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