Sunday, April 9, 2017

First bite of the Cheese Tart Collection

It's a group of Baked Tarts from PaperMoon! There are three variants to choose from: Classic Cheese, Mango Cheese, and Ube Cheese.

These treats are of high quality: the shell does not crumble easily, and the filling is velvety smooth.

The cheese filling of the tarts has a balanced flavor, with the right levels of sharpness and saltiness. One can clearly sense this from the Classic Cheese. The fruit flavor of the Mango Cheese naman complements the cheese taste of the tart. Lastly, the ube flavor of the Ube Cheese is not so pronounced, though it mutes the sharpness of the cheese a bit.

One Baked Tart costs Php 70.

Try the entire Cheese Tart Collection and judge for yourself.

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