Saturday, January 14, 2017

First bite at Nacho Bimby

Place: The counter is clean and organized. The color scheme is festive and attractive. The dining tables are spacious and the chairs are amply comfortable. The little cactus pieces on the tables add some cuteness.

Food: Generally good.

First dish we tried was the Labimbeef (Php 150). It's a nacho dish with the place's Signature Pulled Beef Brisket (braised meat, seasoned with Mexican spices), salsa, chips, and cheese sauce. The beef was tender and delicious, not too pungent, not too salty. The salsa and chips were of high quality. The cheese sauce had good consistency and wasn't too sharp.

The other item we tried was the Pollo Caliente (Php 150) that featured fried chicken fingers dusted with Mexican spices and served with a cheese dip. The chicken pieces were tender and perfectly fried. Again, nothing was too salty and too sharp. The mild flavor of the cheese dip complemented the spices of the chicken.

Price: Considering food quality, serving size, and taste, we found the fare reasonably priced.

Service: Service was prompt and waiting time was acceptable.

Nacho Bimby is at the cinema area of Eastwood Mall.

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