Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quick bite of Baker's Street Blueberry Muffins

Muffins made by Universal Robina Corporation.

The muffins are moist and baked well. The blueberry taste is not too fragrant or overpowering, just right to leave the palate satisfied.

They're perfect with coffee.

Try these muffins and judge for yourself.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

First bite of the Mushroom Pepper Steak

A new dish by McDonalds. It features a burger patty smothered with a pepper-flavored cream sauce. 

The burger is a little dry. The sauce tastes OK. The pepper taste would be more pronounced though if the sauce weren't too salty.

An order costs Php 49.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

First bite at Peperoni

Place: The interior is cool, classy, and bright. The metal furnishings add a nice modern touch. The aisles and dining area are amply spacious. The only thing we didn't like was the music; it was too loud.

Food: The fare was generally delicious. There were some misses, but most dishes were hits.

For starters, we had the Soup of the Day (Php 160), which was a red soup made with chopped sausages and vegetables (carrots, celery, potatoes). It was hearty and meaty, and with the herbs, it tasted like good pizza in a bowl.

Then, we had some pasta. The first was the Funghi e Pollo (Php 410) that featured sauteed mushrooms and chicken over noodles with brown sauce. The noodles were fresh and cooked well. The brown sauce had a weird beef flavor. The mushrooms were a delight to eat, earthy and chewy. The chicken pieces were too salty. Our second pasta dish, the Lasagna (Phph 395), was perfect! It wasn't too oily, and had the right combination of beefy and creamy flavors. Yum!

As mains, we had the Pollo alla Parmigiana (Php 470) and the Fish and Chips (Php 395). The first featured a fried, breaded chicken cutlet that was topped with marinara sauce and cheese, served with salad. The chicken was well cooked and seasoned. The marinara sauce was not too sharp and was well complemented by the mild flavor of the cheese. Our second main dish featured two big slices of breaded creamy dory, served over a bed of fried, with salad, and a lemon-mayonnaise dip. The fish was fresh and moist. The dip had a good tangy taste. And those fries! Delicious!

Then, we ordered a Large (12 inches) pizza (Php 565), allowing us to have two flavors on one crust. The first pizza variant we had was the Bacon Miele that has bacon, honey, Gouda cheese, and oregano. It was a tad too sweet, but some chili flakes tempered that sweetness. The bacon was GOOD, smoky and tasty! Our second variant was the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, which had parma ham and rocket lettuce. This one was delicious. The ingredients were simple but gave loads of flavor, from the saltiness of the ham to the fresh bitterness of the lettuce. Yummy!

For dessert, we had the Tiramisu (Php 275). It was authentic, made with the right ingredients, and good!

For drinks, we ordered the Iced Raspberry Tea (Php 80) that tasted like cough syrup.

Price: Considering taste and serving size, the food here is a little pricey.

Service: Our waiters were friendly and attentive. Waiting time for our food was acceptable.

Peperoni is at UP Town Center.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

First bite of the Peri Chicken Galantina

The holiday treat of Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken.

It's grilled chicken stuffed with meat filling, served with java rice, vegetable salad, coleslaw, and a piece of brownie.

The chicken is moist and charred well. The stuffing is a bit salty. The salad is delicious, thanks to the tangy dressing and bacon bits. The coleslaw is fresh and vibrant, a nice complement to the meaty dish. The java rice is O-K, nothing special about it. The brownie has a good-enough, semi-sweet chocolate flavor.

The whole thing costs Php 395. Considering the taste, we can't help but feel just a bit shortchanged.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

First bite at Genki Sushi

Place: The restaurant is bright, fun, and comfortable. Each dining space is equipped with a touchscreen panel where customers input their orders. Also, the dining table has a hot water that one can use to whip up some green tea; the green tea and cups can also be found on the table. The only thing that needs improvement in the place is the music; it plays too loud.

Food: Generally, delicious. The fare here gets delivered on a tray on top of a small bullet train that goes to and fro the kitchen.

First on our plate, the Black Tofu Skin with Spicy Salmon (Php 100). It's tofu skin filled with a chunky salmon salad. The salad is peppery and creamy. The ingredients are fresh and not drowning in mayonnaise.

Next, the Tempura Shrimp (Php 130): ebi tempura sushi basically. The shrimp pieces themselves are juicy. Their batter is light and not too oily. All in all, really good tempura. The sticky rice has a sweetness that complements the taste of the fried food.

Then, the Seared Salmon Black Pepper (Php 140): buttery salmon flavored with black pepper and creamy sauce. This is just perfection!

Next, some Chicken Teriyaki Roll (Php 160). Chicken and veggies, rolled inside some sesame-seed-covered sticky rice, drizzled with terikyaki sauce. Yummy! The chicken is juicy and the teriyaki sauce is not teeming with sugary sweetness.

Now, some Seared Salmon Skin Nagiri (Php 120). Fried salmon skin over rice, topped with a cheesy sauce. Not bad, just a little too fishy for our taste.

Then, the Seared Hokkaido Scallops w/ Pollock Roe (Php 220). Buttery scallops. Salty roe. Sweet rice. PERFECT. Probably one of the best things you can put in your mouth.

Next, some Fried Gyoza (Php 100): fried Japanese dumplings over sticky rice. The filling of the gyoza has the right mix of meaty taste and pungency. And each dumpling is fried to perfection.

Then, the Fried Chicken Gunkan (Php 70): boneless fried chicken topped with Japanese mayonnaise, over sticky rice that is wrapped in nori. The fried chicken in juicy and well seasoned. It's really good!

Then, some Vegetable Kakiage (Php 120): sliced carrots, potatoes, and onions, fried with a light batter. It comes with a teriyaki dipping sauce. It's bland and boring, not to mention difficult to eat for it comes in a giant bunch.

Lastly, the Butter Corn (Php 120). The kernels are too soft. And the serving size is too small! We feel shortchanged with this one!

The free green tea is good, earthy and comforting. Perfect drink with all the sushi!

Price: Considering taste, quality, and serving size, the food here is quite pricey.

Service: The servers are attentive. They can be warmer and friendlier though.

Genki Sushi is at UP Town Center.

Quick bite of KitKat Rubies

Wafers with chocolate filling, covered with chocolate truffle and hazelnut bits, all encased inside a milk chocolate shell. It is being marketed as a luxurious of KitKat. But is it really?

No. Sure, every component tastes OK, but there is nothing luxurious about it.

False advertising much?

Try it and judge for yourself.

Quick slice of The Chef's InstaMug cakes

Microwaveable cakes for those who want to instantly satisfy their cake cravings! There are two flavors: Gooey Chocolate Fudge Cake and Creamy Chunky Mocha Cake.

Each box of Chef's InstaMug contains several packets: an oil-based flavor packet, a flour-based cake mix packet, a frosting packet, and a toppings packet. The first two packets, one mixes with 9 scoops of water (scoop provided). Then the mixture is cooked for 1 minute inside a microwave oven. Then, one puts the frosting and toppings.

The flavors of the two variants are good, authentic. Also, nothing is too sweet. The only thing that needs improvement is the integrity of the cake; the cake is too mushy.


Try these cakes and judge for yourself.