Friday, November 25, 2016

Quick munch of the Butter Me Up Kettle Corn with Himalayan Pink Salt

Delicious popcorn by Coney Island Classics.

Non-GMO corn, popped the old-fashioned way, with a kettle. It's the flavored with butter and Himalayan pink salt (dubbed as the purest salt).

The popcorn is cooked well, light and crunchy. The butter flavor is subtle. The saltiness of the Himalayan salt is not sharp, but it's unevenly distributed.

All in all, not bad. It's a little pricey though, at Php 200.

Try it and judge for yourself.


  1. Hi, i read your review of Big Al's Cookie jar cake, ive been trying to call them cinstantly but no answer. May i know their address in Antipolo? Where did u get yours? Thank u

  2. Following them on Instagram may help: bigalscookiejar.