Saturday, November 19, 2016

First bite of Spud Buds

They're potato chips made by the local company Spud Buds Potato Company. And it's not just the company that's local but the main ingredient too: the potatoes are from Benguet.

There are various variants of the snack, and most of them are covered with chocolate. There's White (white chocolate), Milk (milk chocolate), and Dark (dark chocolate). For those who want the "normal" chips, there's Sea Salt.

We tried Dark and Milk. First off, the potatoes were delicious! They were perfectly fried and seasoned. And their ridges provided good texture. As for the chocolate, we found them just a little disappointing. The milk chocolate was a tad too sweet and its flavor, ordinary. The dark chocolate tasted like Milo, the energy drink, It too was ordinary and did not have the bitterness and depth of good dark chocolate.

A pack costs Php 200. Kinda pricey, right?

You can buy Spud Buds at the Snack Bar of UP Town Cinema.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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