Saturday, October 29, 2016

Quick bite at Shawarma Bros

Place: The restaurant looks cool, street yet classy. It has good lighting and ventilation.

Food: The fare is delicious but not unforgettable.

First on our table is the Lamb Steak Rice (Php 199). Grilled lamb pieces with turmeric rice, and a tomato-onion mix. It is served with Garlic Yoghurt, Cheese, and Chili Tomato sauces. The meat is tender and well seasoned. It also has a good layer of charred flavor. The taste of the meat though makes us suspicious if it's really lamb; it tastes more like pork. Also, we find the serving size of this dish too small.

Next, the Chicken Burrito Bro (Php 159): grilled chicken, turmeric rice, onions, and tomatoes, all inside a pita wrap. At first glance, this dish looks satisfying and huge, but it's really all pita; it's not as stuffed as we expect. Still, the filling is flavorful.

Last on our plate are some Pita Strips & Keema (Php 99). The keema is delicious! It's meaty and has the right amount of spice. The serving is too small though. We want more keema, fewer pita strips.

Service: The staff are friendly and attentive.

Shawarma Bros is at the UP Town Center.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Quick bite of the Single-Origin Chocolate Chip Cookie

A new cookie from Starbucks.

It's made with Malagos (Davao) Single-Origin Chocolate from Davao and coco sugar. It's buttery, nutty, and not too sweet. The chocolate taste is not too pronounced. The chewy texture makes it enjoyable to eat.

An order costs Php 65.

First bite of the Samurai Karaage Makirrito

It's a new snack option from Tokyo Tokyo.

It's a maki made with Japanese rice, fried chicken pieces, carrots, and cabbage. All these ingredients are wrapped in nori. This maki is not sliced and is served huge, looking like a, you guessed it right, a burrito!

It's delicious! The flavors are clean and satisfying. And one serving is enough to fill up the belly.

An order costs Php 100.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

First slice of the Quezo Real Mille Crêpe

Layers of thin crêpe, cream cheese, and quezo de bola, topped with grated cheddar. 

The cheese taste is subtle yet satisfying. Nothing too salty nor too sharp. Delicious!

I hope PaperMoon creates an Ube-Quezo Real Mille Crêpe. Now THAT sounds really good...

Try this and judge for yourself.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

First bite of the Christmas Bacon Ham Mushroom Melt

It's a holiday offering from Wendy's.

Beef patty, cheese sauce, mushrooms, and a thick slice of glazed bacon.

The sweetness of the bacon is a good complement to the beefy and salty cheese flavors.

Each bite is satisfying.

An order costs Php 99.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Quick sip of the Nescafé Café Au Lait

It's the latest variant of Nescafé's ready-to-drink coffee in a tetra pack. 

This one has a good, pronounced coffee flavor that's been mixed into creamy milk. The "condensed milk" taste mentioned on the label however is nonexistent. 

Save for the slight sugar stickiness at the end of every sip, this drink is OK.

Funny though that this drink is called café au lait when it contains no hot milk.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

First sip of TrueTea Iced Tea

It's iced tea sweetened with Stevia (a sugar substitute extracted from Stevia leaves).

TrueTea tastes OK. There are hints of lemon flavor. The sweetness is almost like that of sugar, but without the stickiness.

This one is a good option for those who are concerned with their sugar intake.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

First bite at Kumori

Place: The bakery area looks classy. It is a bit small though. The lighting is also too warm and orange.

Food: Generally delicious.

We tried the products that Kumori is proud of.

First on our plates, the Hanjuku Cheese Cakes, both the Original and Chocolate variants. Smooth, silky, and light to the bite, these cheesecakes were delightful to eat! The Original had the right mix of mild sharpness and subtle sweetness. The Chocolate was our favorite; eating it was like eating luxurious ice cream.

Then, the Signature Cheese Tart. Cute little tarts with a creamy cheese filling. We found the shell just a tad too sweet. The cheese filling though was yummy! They weren't kidding when they said that this cheese mixture melts in the mouth. And it wasn't too sharp nor too saccharine.

Lastly, the Krone. It's a Danish pastry roll filled with custard and dusted with powdered sugar. The pastry itself was of high quality, flaky and not too hard to bite into. The custard filling had good consistency and wasn't all sugar; one could taste the egg flavor.

Service: The staff were attentive but the branch is understaffed.

Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe is at the UP Town Center.