Monday, August 15, 2016

First bite of the Choco Buns

They're chocolate bread from Max's Corner Bakery of Max's Restaurant. The bread has topping and filling depending on the variant, and there are three variants: Choco Truffle, Cookies & Cream, and Choco Custard.

The Choco Truffle is topped with chocolate chips and has a chocolate filling. The bread is soft and of good quality. The filling is not too sweet and has sufficient chocolate flavor. It is a little too pasty though.

The Cookies & Cream is topped with cream swirls and crushed cookie bits. Its filling is cream that is also not too sweet and equally pasty.

Lastly, the Choco Custard: choco bread with grated chocolate on top and a custard center. The custard flavor is too thick and a little too bland.

A pack of 3 costs Php 89. Each piece costs Php 30.

Try the Choco Buns and judge for yourself.

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