Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Quick bite of Premium Square Pia

Square hopia from Glory Snack of Indonesia!

They're flaky pastry with filling. There are four variants: Chocolate, Cheese, Mung Bean, and Durian. We tried the Chocolate and Cheese.

The pastry itself is tasty, a tad salty, probably because of the Australian butter. It's light, crisp, and flaky.

The Chocolate filling is pasty and thick, and its color is dark and appetizing. The flavor is OK; it has the right level of sweetness and has hints of bitterness. The taste is not too dairy. Quite good!

The Cheese filling also has the same sticky, thick consistency. Its taste is a little weird. The cheese flavor seems to have some butter and sugar mixed in. Thus, the sharpness and saltiness have been tempered. Quite a letdown.

Try these treats and judge for yourself.

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