Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quick bite of Mug Shot

Instant pasta from the UK!

Just get a mug, pour the contents of a pack into the mug, put boiling water, and after 5 minutes, voila! Pasta!

We tried 3 flavors: Creamy Cheese, Macaroni Cheese, and Tomato & Herb.

The noodles of all three variants are of high quality. Also, all three variants are a little too starchy to the taste. The Creamy Cheese is not cheesy enough; the parsley adds some vibrancy to it, tempering the bland starchy taste. The Macaroni Cheese has good enough, salty cheesy flavor. The Tomato & Herb has hints of acidic tomato flavor. This taste however is drowned by sugar. Also, we can barely taste the herbs.

All in all, these Mug Shot pasta dishes, pwede na, pantawid gutom.

Try them and judge for yourself.

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