Monday, May 2, 2016

Quick bite of Hungry Juan's Roast Chicken

Hungry Juan presents its Roast Chicken that busy people can easily reheat at home. The chicken is already precooked and is wrapped in a microwaveable plastic bag. The roast chicken is comes with a pack of Lechon Sauce. It comes in two flavors: Sweet Garlic and Chili.

We reheated our Sweet Garlic roast chicken inside a microwave oven for 6 minutes. It came out hot and smelling good! But did it also taste good? Well, it was bland. There was some sweetness sure, but the garlic flavor was nonexistent. Good thing the Lechon Sauce was delicious; it had the authentic livery taste of real lechon sauce. But despite its relative blandness, the Roast Chicken was juicy and moist. Iba talaga kapag Magnolia Chicken ang gamit!

A Hungry Juan Roast Chicken costs Php 209.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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