Saturday, May 7, 2016

First bite at Rice Lane

Place: Cool and spacious. The predominantly wooden decor gives the place a stylish, localized feel. The music being played inside though is a little too loud.

Food: Delicious and tasty.

For our rice dish, we have the Bibimbap (Php 320). White rice topped with bean sprouts, cucumber, carrots, mushrooms, beef slices, and fried egg. It is served with gojuchang that is mixed with sesame oil.

The Bibimbap is good! The vegetables are crisp and sweet. The beef slices are tender and meaty. The mushrooms are woodsy, earthy. The sesame gojuchang gives some nuttiness to the classic Korean rice dish. This sauce also has the right amount of kick.

To accompany our rice, we have some Chicken Satay (Php 180): six sticks of grilled chicken basted with peanut sauce, served with pickled cucumber.

The chicken is moist and flavorful. The peanut sauce is not too sweet, and its flavor is complemented by the vibrant taste of coriander and the heat of chili. The pickled cucumber is a little too sugary sweet.

For our drink, we have some Lemongrass Iced Tea (Php 100). Its sweetness is fruity. The dominant flavor is that of calamansi, and the lemongrass comes as an aftertaste. It is reminiscent of Bayani Brew iced tea.

Price: Considering taste (good but not unfamiliar), food quality, and serving size (the "For Sharing" size is too small), we find the food here overpriced.

Service: The servers are warm and friendly. Waiting time for the food is acceptable.

Rice Lane (Asian Market) is on the 3rd floor of the New Eastwood Mall.

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