Monday, April 4, 2016

Quick bite of the Sakura Sumo Meal

Tokyo Tokyo celebrates this year's Sakura Festival by painting the town pink with its Sakura Sumo Meal.

So what does this Sakura Sumo Meal consist of? Well, two [pink] bowls of rice, it has a small serving of Beef Misono, three pieces of the Chicken Karaage, two pieces of Ebi Tempura, two pieces of potato tempura, one onion ring, a small serving of Yakisoba, two Mochi Balls, a serving of Sakura Potato Salad, and two glasses of Lychee Fizz. Now THAT is a meal!

The Beef Misono, Chicken Karaage, Tempura, and Yakisoba are familiar to regular Tokyo Tokyo customers. But of course, it doesn't hurt to mention that the beef is tender and flavorful, that the kaarage is well fried and well seasoned, and that the Tempura pieces are perfect. The Yakisoba has firm noodles, but the sauce is just a tad too sweet.

So what are the new items? First, the Sakura Potato Salad: it's a PINK salad with potato and beet cubes, and some lettuce leaves underneath. It tastes O-K, not bad, but not good enough that you would order it again and again.

Second new item is the Lychee Fizz: it's lychee-flavored soda with lychee jelly. The fruit flavor is authentic; each sip is bursting with a vibrant lychee taste. Refreshing, this drink is perfect for summer!

Last new item, the Mochi Balls: Japanese rice cake with a peanut butter center. Now these are yummy! The mochi itself is of high quality and has good texture. It's not overly sticky. And that peanut butter center? A pleasant surprise to the palate (Spoiler alert! Hehe.).

With the manifold flavors it has, we say that, all in all, this new Sumo Meal is satisfying!

A Sakura Sumo Meal costs Php 449.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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