Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quick bite of Julie's biscuits

Assorted biscuits from Julie's y'all! Straight from Malaysia!

First, we have Le-Mond. It's a biscuit sandwich with a cheddar cheese cream filling. The biscuits themselves are good; they're light, crispy, and perfectly salted. The cheese filling is smooth. The taste though is quite odd because it's a little sweet, a flavor not associated with cheddar cheese. The filling doesn't taste bad, but it's not authentically cheesy.

Then, the Oat 25 cookie. It's an oatmeal cookie with real strawberry bits. The cookie itself is not bad; it's not too hard to bite into. The strawberry component is too subtle though to be sensed. In fact, the dominant flavor of this cookie variant is a lemony one.

Next is the Cheese Sandwich, which is a biscuit sandwich with cheese filling. The biscuits are good, but the filling is bland. Really bland.

Lastly, the Peanut Butter Sandwich. It's a biscuit sandwich with peanut butter filling. The biscuits are golden, well salted, and delicious. The filling is not too sweet and has the authentic flavor of good peanut butter.

Try these Julie's products and judge for yourself.

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