Friday, April 1, 2016

Quick bite at Outside The Box

We were at SM City Masinag one morning and went to the food court for some fare. Outside The Box caught our eye, particularly their offer of "Build Your Own Pizza." So that's what we did, we built our own pizza, and along with it, we ordered their bestselling pasta dish, the Linguine Alfredo.

For our pizza, we chose the Red Sauce (tomato sauce with Italian herbs and spices, Php 99), some Ham (additional Php 20), Bacon Bits (additional Php 25), and Ricotta Cheese (additional Php 15). We also wanted some Garlic Chili Olive Oil (additional Php 10) to be drizzled on our pizza after baking.

The result? A bland, disappointing pizza! The Red Sauce was watery and sharp, and there are no "Italian herbs and spices" flavor. The meat toppings could barely be sensed. And the crust? Too chewy and soft!

For our pasta, we had the Linguine Alfredo (Php 159), but we asked that the noodles be changed to penne. The noodles were not soggy, thank goodness. The sauce though was too oily, and it was oddly sweet. The chicken and mushroom pieces were OK.

All in all, based on our experience, we wouldn't mind not coming back. Sayang sa pera.

Outside The Box is at the food court are of SM City Masinag.

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