Saturday, April 23, 2016

First lick of Rita's Halo-Halo Gelati

Rita's has a new summer offering made especially for Filipinos: the Halo-Halo Gelati.

The Italian ice is made with some of the ingredients of the famous Filipino dessert treat: ube halaya, red beans, langka, and buko. The ice is then topped with nata de coco, sweetened bananas, pinipig, and Vanilla Frozen Custard.

The components of this concoction taste good individually: the pinipig is nice and crisp, the bananas are deliciously flavored, the nata de coco tastes like, well, the usual nata de coco. And, the Halo-Halo Ice is not bad, initially at least. But as we get to the bottom of the cup, we sense an artificial-tasting aspect that tastes like cough syrup. Making things worse is the Vanilla Frozen Custard that is a tad too sweet.

Considering the taste and our overall experience, not too mention the hefty Php 195 price tag, we say that the Halo-Halo Gelati is not that good of a dessert option.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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