Tuesday, April 26, 2016

First lick of Magnum Infinity

Selecta's premium ice cream bar brand Magnum offers a new variant. Presenting, Magnum Infinity. This variant has two flavors: Chocolate & Caramel and Chocolate & Raspberry.

The Chocolate & Caramel features a smooth chocolate ice cream flavored with some caramel sauce, nestling inside a chocolate shell. The chocolate components are good, not too sweet, and are luxurious enough. The caramel sauce's taste however is too subtle to be enjoyed.

The Chocolate & Raspberry also features the same chocolate ice cream and chocolate shell. This time, the ice cream is flavored with some raspberry sauce. This raspberry sauce though does not taste like raspberry. It lacks the tartness and slight sharpness of the said berry. It's just a pink, sweet sauce.

Try Magnum Infinity and judge for yourself.


  1. Hi! Where can we buy this? Available in all stores offering selecta ice creams or selected stores lang?

    1. Hi. I found these at SM Supermarket.