Monday, March 21, 2016

First bite at High Street Café

The Shangri-La group has opened the doors of its new Shangri-La at The Fort hotel, and inside this stylish fortress is High Street Café, the hotel's buffet restaurant. We decide to drop by the said restaurant to try its fare.

The place is stylish and spacious, with its high ceiling, natural and soft lighting, and modern decor and furnishings. The aisles are wide and the food stations are not cramped.

The array of food choices at High Street Café is wide enough to be exciting but not enough to be confusing and overwhelming. There's a chilled seafood section, a salad section, one for noodle soup and laksa, a grilled meat section, one for Asian dishes, a section for American food and pasta, one for breads, cheeses, and cured meat, and, of course, there's a dessert section.

Generally, the dishes are of high quality. From the vivid color of the vegetables and fruits, to the presentation of the savory dishes, to the creative looks of the dessert options, one can see that the restaurant is not joking around with the food they are serving. And the taste?  There is not one dish that tastes bad. High Street Café is one of the very few restaurants where one can say that all the food items are delicious!

We recommend that diners go for the savory meat dishes, especially the steak and Pork Yakitori. People should also try the Beef Salpicao and the Clay Pot Rice. The noodle soups (chicken, beef, laksa) shouldn't be missed. Of course, one can gorge on FRESH, FRESH seafood that one can have grilled or chilled. The restaurant also has DELICIOUS choices for sashimi (try the Salmon Sashimi!).

For the dessert, everything is TASTY! We recommend that people not miss the Macarons, the Blueberry Cheesecake, and the Bread Pudding. The cookies and chocolates are also good, especially the ones with dark chocolate.

For drinks, the Italian Peach Iced Tea is refreshing, fruity, and vibrant.

Aside from the DELICIOUS food, High Street Café can also boast of its efficient and friendly staff. They are always willing to help and to make one's dining experience comfortable.

The rate for a Lunch Buffet is Php 1,550. And based on everything we tried, we can say that each bite is worth every peso.

The High Street Café is at the Shangri-La at the Fort.

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