Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First lick of the newest flavors of Magnolia Ice Cream's Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Collection

Magnolia presents three new flavors for its Best of the Philippines collection!

First, the Strawberry Crumble Pie: strawberry ice cream with crushed vanilla cookies, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce swirls. The strawberry ice cream is delicious! Its taste is not artificial. The chocolate sauce is a little too sweet. The crushed cookies and chocolate chips are too few to be enjoyed.

Second, the Mango Salted Caramel: mango ice cream with Graham crackers bits and salted caramel sauce. The mango ice cream is good, its fruit flavor is authentic. The salted caramel sauce though does not live up to its name. It's not salty, and its sweetness is not of caramel (it does not have a deep, slightly burnt taste).

Lastly, the Banoffee Pie: banana ice cream with Graham cracker bits, chocolate sauce, and caramel. Just like the first two variants, the base ice cream tastes good. It's fruity, not sugary. The chocolate sauce is just O-K. The caramel component is too sweet.

Try these new flavors and judge for yourself.

Monday, March 28, 2016

First bite of Classic Potato Chips Sour Cream & Onion Flavor

A new snack treat from Jack 'n Jill!

The potato chips are thin, crispy, and not oily. As for the taste, the onion flavor is more pronounced than the sour cream one, but both components are subdued, a little too subtle to be enjoyed. And these flavors are not consistently distributed among the chips. Some chips just taste of salt.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

First bite of the Banana Langka Pie

Jollibee presents its newest dessert option: the Banana Langka PieIt's a pocket pie with a banana-jackfruit compote filling.

The pie crust has good texture, crumbles well. The fruit filling is not too sweet. We can taste the banana, which is slightly overripe. The langka though is too subtle to be sensed.

An order costs Php 29.

Try it and judge for yourself.

First bite of Fries with Dip

The McDonalds French Fries, allegedly the best fries in the world, now come with a dip! Well, two actually, because there are dip flavors: Nacho Cheese and Honey Mustard.

The Nacho Cheese dip is a little too pungent; the taste of nacho spices are overpowering the subtle cheese flavor. Also, it has a weird, unnecessary sweetness.

The Honey Mustard is too sweet! The hints of good mustard flavor drown in all the sweetness that is not even of honey but of sugar, of syrup.

A dip costs Php 15.

Try some and judge for yourself.

First bite of the Smoky Cheeseburger

McDonalds presents another variant of their cheeseburger: the Smoky CheeseburgerIt has a beef patty, a slice of cheese, caramelized onions, and a creamy, smoky sauce.

It's delicious! The sweet and smoky flavors of the sauce complements the taste of the meat. The caramelized onions are too few to be notable to the palate, but OK, nice effort to have them.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quick dip in Tu’kâ

A spiced vinegar that claims to be delicious enough to make you stammer! "Mauutal ka ta talap!"

It's sour and salty, with just right level of heat. It makes for a good dip for grilled meat or any food item that has sweetness in it; the sweetness will be complemented by the multi-layered flavor of the vinegar.

But is the vinegar really tasty enough to make one stammer? Well, we're still able to speak straight even after several dips...

Try Tu’kâ and judge for yourself.

Quick sip of CTime Classic Milk Tea

Some instant milk tea from Taiwan!

The variants we have are the Original and Caramel. The tea base is oolong, and it is quite good, earthy and rounded. But the thing is, this good tea flavor gets lost quickly under all the sugary sweetness. This is especially true with the Caramel variant. The tastes of each component are authentic, it's just that the saccharine part is overpowering.

As for the consistency, we like the smooth and creamy texture.

Try CTime and judge for yourself.

Monday, March 21, 2016

First bite at High Street Café

The Shangri-La group has opened the doors of its new Shangri-La at The Fort hotel, and inside this stylish fortress is High Street Café, the hotel's buffet restaurant. We decide to drop by the said restaurant to try its fare.

The place is stylish and spacious, with its high ceiling, natural and soft lighting, and modern decor and furnishings. The aisles are wide and the food stations are not cramped.

The array of food choices at High Street Café is wide enough to be exciting but not enough to be confusing and overwhelming. There's a chilled seafood section, a salad section, one for noodle soup and laksa, a grilled meat section, one for Asian dishes, a section for American food and pasta, one for breads, cheeses, and cured meat, and, of course, there's a dessert section.

Generally, the dishes are of high quality. From the vivid color of the vegetables and fruits, to the presentation of the savory dishes, to the creative looks of the dessert options, one can see that the restaurant is not joking around with the food they are serving. And the taste?  There is not one dish that tastes bad. High Street Café is one of the very few restaurants where one can say that all the food items are delicious!

We recommend that diners go for the savory meat dishes, especially the steak and Pork Yakitori. People should also try the Beef Salpicao and the Clay Pot Rice. The noodle soups (chicken, beef, laksa) shouldn't be missed. Of course, one can gorge on FRESH, FRESH seafood that one can have grilled or chilled. The restaurant also has DELICIOUS choices for sashimi (try the Salmon Sashimi!).

For the dessert, everything is TASTY! We recommend that people not miss the Macarons, the Blueberry Cheesecake, and the Bread Pudding. The cookies and chocolates are also good, especially the ones with dark chocolate.

For drinks, the Italian Peach Iced Tea is refreshing, fruity, and vibrant.

Aside from the DELICIOUS food, High Street Café can also boast of its efficient and friendly staff. They are always willing to help and to make one's dining experience comfortable.

The rate for a Lunch Buffet is Php 1,550. And based on everything we tried, we can say that each bite is worth every peso.

The High Street Café is at the Shangri-La at the Fort.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Quick bite at Mendokoro Ramenba

Place: Quaint and modern. The dining set-up is communal; everybody sits around the kitchen where one can witness how the dishes are prepared. The place has good air conditioning. Sometimes though, when the cooks get fired up, one leaves the restaurant with the smell of gyoza.

Food: Generally OK, not bad.

First at our corner is the Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 390): a bowl of slightly curly noodles, mushrooms, and a piece of Chashu, all swimming in a nearly white broth, topped with sesame seeds and spring onions.

The broth has good consistency, thick and creamy. It's a little bland though; the soy sauce and pork flavors of the soup are not pronounced enough to make every sip punctuated. The noodles are firm and of good quality. They get progressively salty though. We like the mushrooms, firm and woodsy.

Next, the Hiyashi Tantanmen Ramen (Php 410). Just like our first ramen, this has the same slightly curly noodles, but this time with ground pork and bok choy, and a cold, milky broth that has chili paste.

The soup of the Hiyashi Tantanmen is flavorful. It has the right level of a salty-meaty taste. And that kick from chili! The heat is not overpowering but just enough to whet the appetite. Each sip of the broth, along with each bite of the noodles with the pork, is satisfying.

Last on our dining nook is the Gyoza (Php 100, 3 pieces). Now this one is really delicious! Each Gyoza piece has a balanced mix of meaty and pungent flavors. And the dough has good integrity, steamed and charred well for another layer of texture and taste. Yummy!

Price: Considering taste, serving size, and food quality, we find the price here reasonable. All the food prices are inclusive of VAT and service charge.

Service: Prompt and professional. We just wished the staff smiled more.

Mendokoro Ramenba is along Soliman St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quick bite of Sabroso Lechon

We were along Katipunan Ave. Extension one morning and decided to drop by Sabroso Lechon. A friend told us (she raved, actually) to try this [allegedly] delicious lechon, and so we did.

Sabroso Lechon boasts of using free-range pigs for their dish. The meat is juicy and tender. And the skin is crispy enough. The flavor though is too salty. The saltiness overpowers the meat flavor a bit.

The taste of the liver sauce, which acts as the dip, is similar to that of Andok's, only a tad sweeter.

Try Sabroso Lechon and judge for yourself.

First bite of the Ebi Patty

It's a "new" seafood katsu dish from Yabu.

Remember the Ebi Katsu Burger? Now, the patty of that sandwich is now served as a katsu meal, with unlimited rice, cabbage, fruit, and soup. The patty comes with two dips: an aioli and a slightly sour tempura sauce.

The Ebi Patty is delicious! Each slice is packed and filled with fresh shrimp chunks that are juicy and clean tasting. And with that aioli, which tastes almost like Thousand Island dressing, the patty is even more enjoyable to eat.

An order of the Ebi Patty katsu meal costs Php 470.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Friday, March 11, 2016

First sip of the Nescafé BerryMocha

It's a strawberry-flavored 3-in-1 coffee mix. 

It's creamy and smooth.

The strawberry aroma and flavor are pronounced. At times, the drink tastes like a slice of Black Forest cake. Problem is, we can't sense any coffee, just sugar and strawberry.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

First bite: Jamaican Curry Rice Bowl

There's a new Food Trip Rice Bowl from KFC: the Jamaican Curry Rice Bowl.

Fried chicken, carrots, and potatoes over yellow rice, drizzled with curry sauce. The curry taste is authentic, not too strong, not salty. Then again, the curry is not Jamaican. Jamaican curry has multiple layers of flavor because of its spices and the presence of ginger. 

Also, the kick is surprising; the dish is hotter than we expected.

An order costs Php 99.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Quick bite of the Chocolate Trickle Munchkins

A new treat from Dunkin Donuts!

They're honey-dipped Munchkins dusted with chocolate powder. The chocolate powder provides the semi-sweet taste that is a good-enough complement to the taste of the bread itself. We just wish for more bitterness.

A piece costs Php 6.00.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

First bite of Delfi Almond Dairy Milk Chocolate

Some chocolate from Switzerland y'all!

This Delfi variant features a milk chocolate bar with almonds. The chocolate is smooth and silky. It's not too sweet, and the dairy component is pronounced. All in all however, the taste is not great, not unforgettable. It tastes like Goya chocolate actually. And we wish it had more of those crunchy almonds.

Try it and judge for yourself.