Tuesday, February 16, 2016

First bite of the BibimBowl

Something new by BonChon Chicken!

Korean rice dishes that come in two variants: Chicken BibimBowl and Beef BibimBowl.

The Chicken BibimBowl has rice, carrots, egg, nori, and breaded fried chicken fingers, all smothered with the restaurant's own gojuchang (hot pepper paste). The ingredients are of high quality. The sauce has a good touch of sweetness and an ample pinch of saltiness. The heat level is just right. Quite delicious, actually. 

The Beef BibimBowl: rice topped sliced beef, kimchi, carrots, egg, and nori, then flavored with gojuchang. The beef is sweet and tender. All the other ingredients are fresh. The sauce's flavor is balanced and punctuated. The heat is just enough to whet the appetite. Yummy!

An order costs Php 99.

Try one and judge for yourself.

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