Tuesday, January 26, 2016

First bite of Brookies

New hybrid treat from Mrs. Fields: brownies + cookies = Brookies! And there are four variants to choose from.

First is the Brookies Original: it's a brownie topped with the brand's classic chocolate-chip cookie. The brownie is a little bland and has hints of a weird artificial flavor. The cookie is a tad lemony.

Next, the Red Velvet Brookies. It has an artificial cherry flavor that is bordering on tasting like plastic.

Then, the Almond Chocolate Brookies. It's the Brookies Original topped with chopped almonds, chocolate chips, and some chocolate sauce. It tastes OK, not too sweet, but the chocolate flavor is not exceptional.

Lastly, the Triple Chocolate Velvet Brookies. It's the Red Velvet Brookie with a chocolate center, topped with white chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. Again, the chocolate flavor is not exceptional. Add to it the subtle weird cherry flavor of the red velvet component.

General observation: the Brookies are dry, probably overcooked. They even stick to the cups that hold them. So warning, you may eat some paper.

A piece costs Php 25.

Try them and judge for yourself.

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