Saturday, January 2, 2016

First bite at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

We were at UP Town Center one morning to have some lunch. After our hearty meal, we decided to drop by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to buy some chocolates to go with our after-lunch coffee. We got 1 piece of a truffle and four kinds of chocolate goodies for our 250-gram bag.

For our truffle, we got the Semi-Sweet Truffle (Php 160). A dark chocolate ball with a dark chocolate filling. The chocolate was of high quality; it was smooth and velvety. We wanted though for it to be more bitter and more luxurious to the taste. It lacked a certain something we couldn't put our taste buds on.

For our 250-gram bag, we first got a piece of Almond Bark (Php 47.32, milk chocolate). The milk chocolate bar tasted OK; it wasn't too sweet and milky. The almond component of the bark was pronounced; it gave the bark a woodsy, rustic nutty taste. Second in our bag is the Crunchy Peanut Butter Bucket (Php 272, milk chocolate): a big chocolate cup with a peanut butter center. Again, high quality ingredients. The peanut butter though needed just a touch of salt, just to bring in all the flavors together.

Next, a Chocolate Butter Cream (Php 46.13, dark chocolate). Now this one was too sweet. Finally, we got a piece of Haystack (Php 112, dark chocolate): grated coconut covered with chocolate> This one we loved. The toasty, nutty taste of the coconut was well complemented by the dark chocolate. The treat however was too hard to bite into. For something named "Haystack," it was as hard as a rock.

In general, we found the food here overpriced, considering its not-so-extraordinary taste (we've tasted better chocolate).

As for the service, it needed a little improvement because only one staff member was manning the counter and was available to cater to many customers.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is on the ground floor of UP Town Center.

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