Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First bite at Lucky Chick

Place: Cool! We like the modern furnishings coupled with some quirky decor. We also like the ample splash of color. The counter area looks bare though.

Food: Food here is generally OK.

First on our table is the Hot Chick Sandwich (Php 180). A fried chicken fillet topped with a slaw of cabbage, carrots, and a mustard-based sauce, nestling between fresh buns. The chicken is crispy and well seasoned. The vegetables are crisp and fresh. The sauce is sweet and tangy. We cannot sense however the "hot" component of this dish. Maybe the chef did something wrong?

Next, the Luckier Chick meal (Php 188): one piece of your preferred fried chicken (Original or Hot) served with your gravy of choice (Original, Apple Cider, or Honey), a cup of plain rice, and a side dish (and there are lots to choose from). For our side dish, we have the Green Salad, with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cheese, croutons, and candied pecans. DELICIOUS! Right levels of sweetness, pungency, saltiness, and acidity. Nice mix of textures too! 

The Original fried chicken is good. It's golden, fried well, flavorful, and crispy! The chicken is even made yummier by the Original gravy, with its earthy, mushroom undertones. The rice is bad! It tastes like sako! Maybe it wasn't washed well?

The last dish on our table is the Hush Puppies (Php 150): savory balls of bread that come with a dip. This dish is BAD! The balls are VERY salty and taste weird! They taste like bad, peppery pansit! And the dip? It's like watery Thousand Island dressing.

For our drink, we have the Strawberry Iced Tea (it comes with the Luckier Chick meal). It tastes like Kool Aid, only less sweet.  

Price: Considering the taste, size, quality, and kind of food, we find the food here reasonably priced. No service charge, by the way (for now).

Service: It needs improvement. The manager promised us samples of the Apple Cider and Honey gravy variants but not a drop came. The waiter was attentive, but he farted at our area when he left to settle our bill. LOL!

Lucky Chick is at UP Town Center.

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