Saturday, January 30, 2016

First bite at Café Ñ (Enye)

Place: Stylish and homey. The high ceiling, modern-rustic furnishings, the warm lights, and the slightly quirky decor all make the place trendy yet classy.

Food: All in all, ordinary. The tastes are familiar, not remarkable.

First on our table is the Lechon Carbonara (Php 250). It's carbonara with the place's Mojo Chicharrones. The noodles are firm. The sauce tastes like bland chicken sopas. As for the meat, it's no lechon; the pork is simply rendered. It is quite fatty and a little flavorless. The bread's charred taste is too strong. Quite a letdown. 

Next, the Burgerizzo (Php 290): a patty made with 200g of beef and chorizo. It's served with egg, cheese, and some Latin Slaw. (The Burgerizzo is not normally served like this; we asked that ours be "deconstructed.") The patty is packed, meaty, juicy, and tasty. Its flavor however is too familiar (we can think of similar burger dishes of fast food joints). And we cannot sense any chorizo. Plus, the burnt flavor of the bun is too strong.

Next is the Mahi Mahi Cubano (Php 290). It's a panini with grilled mahi-mahi, Chimichurri mayonnaise, cheese, Harissa, and some Latin slaw. The sandwich has all the right level of satisfying flavors; the sour slaw, grassy and pungent Chimichurri, the smoky and spicy Harissa, and the slightly salty cheese all complement each other very well. The fish is fresh and juicy. Each bite is satisfying. 

The sandwiches come with a serving of French Fries that are perfectly fried but a little bland.

The last dish on our table is the Callos Ala Casa (Php 440). It's a slow-cooked stew with tripe, potatoes, olives, chorizo, and the restaurant's Mojo Chicharrones. The ingredients are of high quality. The sauce is surprisingly bland and a little watery. Good thing the Enye Rice's garlicky flavor adds some punctuation.

For our drink, we have the House Blend Iced Tea (Php 110)...A concoction of brewed white and green tea with syrup. Bland. We can hardly sense any tea flavor. It should be renamed House Bland Iced Tea.

Service: Our server was warm and attentive, just a little clueless about some dishes.

Café Ñ (Enye) is at Eastwood City.

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