Monday, November 16, 2015

First bite: Honey & Rum Roast Chicken

It's the chicken offering of Kenny Rogers Roasters for Christmas.

It's roast chicken [allegedly] marinated with honey, mild rum, and herbs. It is served with the familiar Potato Gratin and the new Bacon Corn.

The chicken looks good, golden and shiny. It is moist and tender. And it is very delicious. The thing is however we cannot sense the rum or the herbs. And the honey taste is very faint. In short, the taste of the chicken dish does not live up to its name.

As for the new side dish, the Bacon Corn, it is disappointing. The fresh and crisp corn is wasted because this side dish is smothered with mayonnaise. Why mayonnaise?! Why not butter? Or cheese? Or, better yet, cheesy butter? The acidic mayonnaise doesn't go well with the corn and it drowns the taste of the bacon bits.

All in all, we find this Christmas offering disappointing.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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