Thursday, November 19, 2015

First bite at Ooma

Place: Stylish and cool. The industrial feel makes the place a little edgy. The lighting though is just a tad too dark.

Food: Ordinary. Nothing tastes memorable and worth coming back for.

First on our table is the Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki (Php 295): scallops, tuna, nori, sesame seeds, and scallions wrapped with rice, topped with kimchi aioli, spicy mayo, and teriyaki sauce. It isn't bad, but we're disappointed to sense a flavor that is flat and common, given all the ingredients of the dish. All we can taste is the teriyaki sauce, none of the kimchi, none of the sesame seeds, none of the scallions, none of the scallops that are [allegedly] torched. Quite a letdown.

Next, the Soft-Shell Crab Taco Maki (Php 199): it's open-faced temaki with a soft-shell crab that is topped with aligue mayo and tobiko (fish roe). Just like the first dish, this sushi creation doesn't taste bad. But we cannot sense the aligue and the roe. It's surprising to us to experience a very clean and simple flavor. This flavor actually makes us doubt if the mayo is indeed flavored with aligue. Also, speaking of the sauce, there is too much of it! Equally surprising to us is the soft-shell crab; it tastes like fried chicken!

Next on our table is the Corn & Oyster Kaki-Age (Php 155): oyster and corn coated with batter, then deep fried. They're served with kimchi mayo and nori salt. The oyster and corn are good. The batter is a little too thick. The mayo dip sure has heat, but we sense no kimchi flavor. As for the nori salt, it is not necessary; each piece is already well seasoned that an additional pinch of salt is too much.

Lastly, the Ebi Tempura (Php 385): Tempura dusted with aonori, served with the classic tempura dipping sauce, aligue mayo, and avocado mousse. The shrimp are fresh, juicy, but a tad tough. The batter needs to be a little fluffier and lighter. The tempura dipping sauce is delicious! The aligue mayo has no aligue taste. And the avocado mousse? Well, we're still wondering where the avocado is.

Price: The food here is like the iPhone: it has fancy descriptions and a stylish presentation, but when it all comes to it, the taste is ordinary, rendering the food overpriced.

Service: Our waiters are attentive and friendly. Waiting time for food is acceptable.

Ooma is on the 3rd floor of the Mega Fashion Hall.

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