Monday, October 19, 2015

First bite at K&L Café

Place: Cozy, cute, and comfortable. The dining areas are well lighted. The wood furnishings are sturdy and homey.

Food: Delicious! The ingredients are fresh and of high quality. The serving size is ample and satisfying.

First on our table is the Session Salad with Strawberry Wine Vinaigrette (Php 175): salad greens, cucumber, Sagada orange, Feta cheese, croutons, and peanut brittle, all drizzled with strawberry wine vinaigrette. The veggies and fruit are fresh and vibrant. The cheese is DELICIOUS, creamy and not too salty. The peanut brittle is the component that brings home the flavor of the salad. The vinaigrette is a tad too sharp, but the cheese and peanut brittle temper its taste.

Next, some pasta, Mommy's Pasta (Php 197): spaghetti noodles coated with a tomato-based sauce that has capers, olives, basil, and feta cheese. Considering the ingredients, we expect this dish to be overpowering, but it is not. The taste is balanced, nothing to salty, nothing to sour. It's delicious, actually. And that cheese! The noodles are just a tad soggy though.

On to the main course...

First on our table is the Chicken and Mushroom (Php 185): pan-fried chicken fingers and sliced mushrooms smothered with a creamy white sauce, served with mountain red rice. The chicken pieces are well fried and well seasoned. That white sauce is so delicious, we can't get enough of it! Creamy, flavorful (buttery with the right level of salty), GOOD! The rice is packed and bland enough to highlight the flavors of the viand. We love it too!

Next is the Garlic Beef Glaze (Php 199): tender beef strips, served with mountain red rice and some veggies. The beef's flavor lives up to the name of the dish. Its garlic and sweet tastes are just right to whet the appetite, nothing too strong or saccharine. 

Next, Daddy's Bourbon American Ribs (Php 295): a big slab of ribs, coated with a sweet-tangy sauce, served with some vegetables and mountain red rice. The ribs are TENDER and flavorful. The sauce/marinade has the right mix of sweetness and sharpness; its taste is punctuated. DELICIOUS!

Then, Lola Nena's Adobong Puti (Php 209): the classic Filipino dish, served with mountain red rice, egg, and tomatoes. This adobo is white because it has no soy sauce. This dish is for those who want their adobo extra sour and sharp. The chicken pieces are a little dry. The salted egg is smooth and not pungent.

Next is the Ilocos Bagnet with Tomato Salsa (Php 265): giant pieces of fried pork belly, with mountain red rice and tomato salsa. The pork belly is fried perfectly, crunchy skin and juicy meat. It tastes like ordinary fried liempo though. We figure that bagnet's flavor is stronger, garlicky, with a hint of sour.

Then, we have some breakfast food, the Longganisa Up North (Php 199): Baguio and Vigan longganisa, with mountain red rice and fried egg. The sausages are delicious; they're meaty, and spiced nicely. And with that vinegar, yummy!

Aside from the meals with rice, we also have some pizza, the Bacon, Tomato, and Arugula (Php 339) pizza to be exact. Flavors are straight and simple. We like the bacon because it is not too salty. The component we love is the dough! We enjoyed nibbling it! It has the right texture, not too crisp, but not chewy.

After a hearty meal, we go for dessert and hot chocolate. For our sweet fix, we decide to have some cupcakes (by Blushing Cupcakes, the company behind the restaurant). The cupcakes range from Php 59 - 89, depending on the flavor. We like the Smores, especially its buttery cookie base. We also like the Black Velvet because of the DELICIOUS, semi-sweet chocolate flavor of the cupcake itself.

We also have the Sagada Coffee cupcake. The coffee tastes is a little too subtle for our taste. Also subtle is the banana flavor of the Banana cupcake. Its chocolate cream top though is YUMMY!

To finish the meal, we have a cup of the Hot Baguio Tablea Choco (Php 109), a new addition to the menu. It's sweet, with a hint of earthy. It is served with marshmallows for an even more luxurious hot choco drink.

Price: Considering the serving size, food quality, and taste, the food here is affordable.

Service: Excellent. The servers are warm, friendly, and attentive. A big shout-out to our servers Mae and Faith!

K&L Café is along Katipunan Ave., Brgy. White Plains, Quezon City, near St. Ignatius Village.

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