Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First bite at The Halal Guys

We were in Mega Fashion Hall earlier to line up for the grand opening of The Halal Guys. And yes, we stayed in line for 2 hours just to be able to try their much anticipated fare.

The first dish we tried was the Gyro & Chicken Combo Over Rice (Php 269, Small): seasoned rice with tomatoes, lettuce, shredded roast chicken, gyro (beef cooked on a vertical rotisserie), The Halal Guys' famous white sauce, and some pita slices. We put a little spicy sauce on it.

Its taste was ordinary, nothing great about it. The famed white sauce was a little bland, and so was the rice. The chicken was dry, and its flavor was similar to that of day-old Kenny Rogers Classic roast chicken. The gyro tasted like an ordinary, dry burger patty. The only exciting thing on our plate was the spicy sauce that was REALLY hot.

Next, the Falafel Sandwich (Php 175, Small): giant balls of falafel, with lettuce, tomato, and white sauce, all nestling inside a giant piece of pita bread. The falafel was dry and its flavor wasn't punctuated; it wasn't well seasoned. The pita bread was of average quality. Beni's Falafel in Makati was still the best we've tasted.

Lastly, we ordered some French Fries (Php 80). Now these fat fries were tasty. They even had hints of cheese flavor. But considering the serving size, we found these fried treats overpriced.

All in all, we found the food of The Halal Guys ordinary taste wise, making the prices unjustified. And based on our first try, we wouldn't mind not coming back. We'd rather eat at Turk's, mura pa.

The Halal Guys is at the Mega Food Hall, 5th floor of the Mega Fashion Hall.

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