Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quick sip: Duo Cocoa Mocha and Dark Caramel Latte

They are the newest concoctions of Starbucks, and Starbucks Card holders can have a taste of these treats from 12 September until 14 September. The said drinks will be available to all starting 15 September.

The Duo Cocoa Mocha (Php 155, Tall): it's mocha with a special chocolate sauce, chocolate whipped cream, and cocoa bits. Now, THIS is how mocha should taste. Nice mix of coffee and GOOD chocolate flavors. It's not too sweet and not too milky.

The Caramel Latte (Php 160, Grande): latte flavored with a new dark caramel sauce. The caramel flavor is deeper and more pronounced than the usual caramel sauce of Starbucks. It's quite delicious.

Aside from these new drinks, Starbucks is offering a limited edition Starbucks Card starting 15 September. To view its design and for more info, click here.

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