Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick bite at Hattendo

We were in the Mega Fashion Hall one afternoon, and we were about to go home when we chanced upon the kiosk of Hattendo, a store selling chilled cream buns from Japan. We've tasted a variant of this product before and we liked it. So we were happy to get another chance to try and buy more cream buns.

Hattendo's buns are soft and of high quality, and these buns are bland enough to effectively highlight the filling. There are 7 fillings to choose from: Custard, Whipped Cream, Matcha, Mango, Chocolate, Chestnut, and Azuki Red Bean. Any of these fillings are smooth and velvety, and they're not too sweet. Among the flavors, the only one we did not try is Chestnut (we were too full to eat more buns). 

The Whipped Cream is bland and a little heavy to the tummy, kinda like eating a block of pure fat. The Custard has a notable egg flavor that is a little weird. The Matcha's taste is strong enough to be enjoyed for green tea fans. The Mango's fruit flavor tastes artificial. The Chocolate is the best! The chocolate filling is like chocolate mousse, with a subtle sweet flavor. The Azuki Red Bean has little bits of red bean that are fun to nibble at. Its flavor however needs to be more pronounced to be enjoyed.

A bun costs Php 120.

By the way, kudos to our store attendant Romeo for being fun and accommodating!

Hattendo is at the Mega Fashion Hall.

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