Saturday, September 26, 2015

First slice at Paper Moon

We were in TriNoMa one afternoon looking for a different kind of dessert to cap off our day. So we decided to drop by Paper Moon to try their unique sweet offering: mille-feuille.

Mille-feuille is a treat made with layers of crêpe, and Paper Moon offers different kinds of it. First on our table is the Classic Mille-Feuille (Php 225 per slice): alternate layers of thin and smooth crêpe and custard. Delicious! The crêpe are perfectly made, while the custard is smooth and not too sugary. The top of the mille-feuille, which is slightly burned (probably with a blow torch), adds the right amount of sweetness.

Next, the Mango Mille-Feuille (Php 225 per slice): it's the Classic variety dappled with slices of mango. It's not mango season now in the country so some of the fruit slices of the mille-feuille are sour, which is not really a problem because this sour taste adds some vibrant contrast to the custard. 

On to the next, the Chocolate Mille-Feuille (Php 255 per slice): layers of crêpe with layers of chocolate cream. This one is really good! The chocolate is smooth and subtle, it is like eating chocolate mousse. It is perfect with coffee. Yummy!

Aside from the delicious slice of mille-feuille, we have a piece of the Chocolate Chiffon Cupcake (Php 125). The cupcake itself is a moist and soft chocolate chiffon cake that has a sweet cream center that tempers the bitter chocolate flavor of the cubes of chocolate cake on top of it. Good and sophisticated contrast of tastes!

The dessert items here seem pricey at frist glance. But considering the quality and the taste, one will definitely not feel shortchanged. As for us, based on our first try, we will definitely try more sweets and come back to this place. Mille fois, peut-être ?

Paper Moon is on the 5th level of TriNoMa.

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