Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First sip of LoyalTea

We were in Mega Fashion Hall one morning and dropped by LoyalTea to learn about its tea products. The store attendant Maricar was gracious enough to let us sample of their concoctions, allowing us to try one variant from different tea groups.

For our green tea, we tried the Highland Green Tea. Its flavor was like that of a toned-down matcha, quite pronounced.

Next in our cup was the Pu'er Tuo Cha. Pu'er belongs to the black tea and generally has a strong flavor. Maricar told us that their variety has sticky rice and this component added some sweetness and nuttiness.

Next, the Big Red Robe oolong tea. This one was a little bland at first, then a slightly bitter earthy aftertaste followed. 

Lastly, we had a cup of Fruit Tea: dried bits of apple, pineapple, and rosebuds. This one was delicious! Its sweetness was vibrant but not cringe-inducing. And we figured that this tea would be good hot or cold.

After tasting, we couldn't help but buy some their tea concoctions, most especially the Fruit Tea, our new favorite. And based on what we've tried, we would definitely come back to have more LoyalTea.

A big shout to the store attendant Maricar for being accommodating, knowledgeable, and fun!

LoyalTea is on the 4th floor of The Mega Fashion Hall, in front of Vikings.

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