Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First sip at Recession Coffee

We were in the New Eastwood Mall this long weekend and dropped by Recession Coffee inside the shop of The Digital Walker. This small coffee corner is being talked about because of its payment scheme: you pay for your coffee with money you can shell out. The coffee here has no fixed price; if you only have Php 50 to pay for your coffee, then the cashier will take your Php 50.

We were able to try some of Recession's caffeinated concoctions and dessert offerings.

The coffee variants we tried were the Flat White and the CafĂ© Latte (both the hot and cold). What we noticed was the bold and deep flavor of the coffee, making every sip pleasant and satisfying. Also, it wasn't acidic. Plus, the milk used was of good quality.

Despite the delicious taste of their coffee, because of the small serving size, we were willing to pay only Php 120 for each cup.

Time for dessert! First on our plate was the #LoveWins Cake (Php 150): it's a rainbow-colored (the LGBTQ color) cake with chocolate cream layers. The cake itself was moist. The chocolate cream was milky and sugary. The cake didn't taste bad, but it wasn't good enough to merit its price.

Next, the Honey Ombre Cake (Php 130): chiffon cake with honey-flavored cream. Same with the #LoveWins kind, the cake itself was moist. The honey flavor however was non-existent; all we could taste was sugar. Not worth the price!

Lastly, the Brownie with Matcha Cream: brownie with matcha frosting. The brownie was dry, really dry. The matcha cream though tasted authentic, earthy and not too sugary.

Recession Coffee's corner is spacious enough. It is also stylish, with its wooden furnishings and trays. It's too bright though.

Recession Coffee is on the 3rd floor of the New Eastwood Mall.

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