Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First bite: New Snack Bento Sandwiches

New snack offerings from Tokyo Tokyo!

First off, the Cheesy Beef sandwich (Php 70): thin slices of beef, topped with cheese sauce and fried tempura batter, nestling inside a buttery hotdog bun. The beef, although tender, is a little bland. The cheese sauce is a little salty. The fried batter adds the needed layer of crunch.

The other sandwich is the Seafood Kani sandwich (Php 70): thin strips of kani, with salad greens and mayonnaise. It tastes OK. There's just a little too much mayo. 

One can have these sandwiches served as on a Snack Bento, with a side dish (nori fries, onion rings, or potato balls) and a drink. This set costs Php 130.

Try these sandwiches and judge for yourself.

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