Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First bite at Tenya

Place: The restaurant's decor is clean and simple (like their food). The place has comfortable feel and has good air conditioning. The music however is too loud and doesn't fit the ambiance of the place.

Food: Generally delicious and of high quality!

First on our table is the All Star Tempura Soba set (Php 455): salmon, squid, black tiger prawn, kani stick, haricots verts, enoki mushroom, and kakiage (similar to the Filipino okoy, made with onions, celery, and shrimp) tempura, served with a bowl of rice, tempura dipping sauce, and a serving of soba noodles (hot or cold) and its sauce.

All the tempura items are fried perfectly, golden and not oily. They are all coated with a batter, Tenya's pride, that is light and bland enough to highlight the natural flavors of the fresh seafood and crisp vegetables. The must-eats are the prawn (juicy!), the salmon (buttery!), the kani (probably the best out there), and the kakiage.

The tempura sauce has a balanced flavor; no component is overpowering.

The soba noodles are firm. And its dipping sauce has a satisfying sweet-salty flavor. Yummy!

Next on our table is the Buta Kimuchi Tendon (Php 295): pork belly tempura and kimchi over Japanese rice. The pork is well seasoned, juicy, and tender. Its cut though makes the pork harder to bite into and heavy to the tummy; one may feel bloated after a few bites. The kimuchi has the right level of acidity and heat.

Lastly, the Potato Salad (Php 95): potato salad with Japanese mayonnaise. It has a good mix of textures, smooth with very small chunks. The taste though is a little disappointing; it's too bland. Some chili flakes will make it better.

For our drinks, we have the house tea that is delicious, earthy and rounded.

Price: Considering the kind of ingredients used, the taste, food quality, and serving size, we find the food here fairly priced. And there is no service charge!

Service: OK! Our servers are attentive and very warm.

Tenya is on the 4th floor of SM Megamall.

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