Monday, August 24, 2015

First bite: Premium Donburi

Tokyo Tokyo presents its latest rice offering: the Premium Donburi.

There are two variants: the Beef Pepper Donburi and the Tempura Donburi.

The Beef Pepper Donburi features tender beef slices and corn kernels on top of medium-quality rice, smothered with a sweet pepper sauce. This one is delicious! It really lives up to the name: the beef is well seasoned and juicy, and the sauce has a punctuated and pronounced pepper flavor. We can even bite bits of cracked pepper!

The Tempura Donburi has two pieces of ebi tempura, two pieces of fried onion rings, and two pieces of potato tempura. They too nestle on top of medium-quality rice and are smothered with a barbecue-tasting sauce. This dish is good enough. The ebi and vegetable tempura are fried perfectly, crunchy on the outside, juicy and fresh on the inside. The sauce though is a little salty. And considering there's a lot of it poured on the dish, this salty sauce kind of ruins the entire thing.

A Regular order of a Premium Donburi costs Php 145.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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