Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First bite at The Breadery

We were in UP Town Center one afternoon and got enticed by the aroma coming from the ovens of The Breadery. So we decided to drop by the boulangerie and tried some of its fare.

Place: We like the homey and modern look of the bakery, good blend of wood and steel.

Food: Hit-or-miss. Some are good, some not. Generally, forgettable.  

The Breadery has canisters of samples and morsels of its baked goodies so that customers can try the food before buying. We took advantage of this set-up and were able to taste quite a number of stuff.

First, the Cheese Roll (Php 65): puffed pastry with cheese flavor. The pastry itself is light and flakyal though a little pale. It is a tad too sweet; the sweetness overpowers the already subtle cheese taste.

Next, the Chicken Pie (Php 110): flaky bread filled with a smooth chicken filling. This one is delicious! The filling, with chicken and mushroom bits, is packed with a satisfying, although toned down, meaty flavor. 

Then, the Triple Chocolate Croissant (Php 110): airy croissant smothered with chocolate powder. The powder is bittersweet and has a good, deep chocolate taste. The bread itself though is bland.

Next, the Button Mushroom Focaccia (Php 90): button mushroom bits and cheddar cheese over focaccia. The bread itself is chewy, making us think if it's still raw. Hehe. The toppings are OK; there's just a hint of rancid flavor. Weird...

Finally, the last one we sampled, the Chocolate Chip Cookie (Php 60). The cookie needs to be saltier to temper the sweetness of the chocolate chips. We like the integrity though, chewy but not so crumbly.   

After sampling some baked goods, we decided to have some late lunch. The Breadery also offers coffee and is famous for its cold brew (allowed to sit for a month!). So, we bought a cup of Marble Cold Brew (Php 170) and a piece of Triple Mushroom Focaccia for belated lunching.

The Marble Cold Brew cold-brew coffee mixed with milk and white chocolate. It is delicious! The sweetness is just right, and one can sense the various components of the drink. The coffee in particular has a rounded taste, is not acidic, and good. No wonder this Marble concoction is a bestseller.

The Triple Mushroom Focaccia has three kinds of mushrooms (oyster, shitake, and button) drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise. Delicious! We like the creamy and woodsy flavors. Yum!

Price: Considering size and taste, we found the food here overpriced.

Service: Staff members were nice and friendly to us. Service was prompt.

The Breadery is inside the UP Town Center.

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