Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quick pop: Garrett Popcorn

We were in Universal Studios Singapore one morning and spotted the enticing store of Garrett Popcorn. We went inside the store and immediately got hungry. So we decided to buy a bag of this old Chicago favorite, and even got to try a "limited edition" flavor.

Garrett is famous for its CaramelCrisp flavor, and we understand why. The deep, burnt taste of its caramel is really delicious. Its sweetness is not all sugary but quite sophisticated. One doesn't get fed up with the flavor for its not cringe-inducing.

Another famous variant is the CheeseCorn. Each light and crispy pop is amply flavored with sharp cheddar cheese. The taste has a tinge of acidity, not just all saltiness.

Even more famous than the aforementioned is the Garrett Mix or the combination of the CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn. And what a combination it is! The cheese complements the caramel surprisingly well, making the snack more addictive than either of the individual flavors. This is the bag that we bought, by the way...

While in the store, the attendant let us try a variant that is not part of their regular Signature fare: the KettleCorn. The kernels are cooked in those old-fashioned copper kettles. Each pop is dusted with salt and sugar, and each pop is delicious! The flavor is light on the palate yet very satisfying. Yummy!

Drop by a Garrett Popcorn store and try these treats, and judge for yourself. 

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