Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quick bite at Sisig Society

We were in Eastwood City one morning and dropped by Sisig Society to try their fare. We heard about this do-it-yourself-sisig place and it piqued our interest and appetite.

The first dish we had was the Diablo (Php 149, with rice and egg). One could choose the meat for any sisig dishes and we chose chicken (fried to make it crispy like chicharon). The Diablo had bacon, chorizo, and the restaurant's Diablo Sauce. The taste of this dish was flat and one-dimensional; all we could taste was burnt meat flavor. We didn't sense the bacon, the chorizo, or the chicken.

We also tried two snack offerings: the Sisig Nachos and Sisig Tacos (Php 99 each). Both had the same burnt, flat, boring sisig flavor. Quite disappointing.

We asked the manager about the sisig sauce that they use. She told us that all their sauces, except for the Red Sauce of the Salsa Sisig variant are mayonnaise-based. Unfortunately, mayonnaise loses flavor when burned or cooked for two long. No wonder their dishes tasted bland. She gave us a sample of the Red Sauce and this sauce had a meaty, taco taste.

Now, about the place: we liked the spaciousness of the restaurant, as well as the chic-enough decor. The counter though, where the food is prepared, had flies.

As for the staff, they were nice but they didn't look so neat and fresh.

Based on our first try, we wouldn't mind not coming back to this place. 

Sisig Society is at Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.

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