Sunday, July 19, 2015

First sip at Costa Coffee

We went to Eastwood City one afternoon to go to Costa Coffee. This famous London coffee shop opened its first Philippine branch this month and we dropped by to enjoy their coffee. It was in Singapore where we tried Costa for the first time, and based our experience there made us look forward to sipping some more.

What we tried in Singapore was their Mocha. It was delicious! Rich and hearty, the Mocha had a nice and comforting mélange of good coffee and slightly bitter chocolate.  

Here in the Philippines, we tried the Flat White (Php 150). The coffee was bold and had a rounded flavor. The steamed milk had the right dairy taste and creaminess. 

Next, a cup of cold Caramel Latte Cream (Php 150). Twas good enough. The sweetness was just right, not too saccharine or cringe-inducing. We just wanted more depth, more burnt-sugar taste.

Lastly, we tried a block of the Salted Chocolate Brownie (Php 85). This treat had the right balance of semisweet chocolate flavor and saltiness. Each bite was satisfying and punctuated.

Costa Coffee's Eastwood branch is hip and homey. The decor shows a combination of old-fashioned rustic furnishings with modern embellishments.

The baristas were accommodating, warm, and kind.

Costa Coffee is at Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. It will open another branch at Ermita Manila and one more at BGC in Taguig.

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