Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First bite: Auntie Choo Singapore Crispy Puff

We were in the mall one morning and saw the yellow stall of Auntie Choo that sells Singapore Crispy Puff. Its fare got us interested and we decided some of its food.

Auntie Choo sells what looks like empanada. What makes theirs different from other empanadas is the curry flavor of the filling, and each crispy puff is teeming with this tasty filling. What we like is the light, golden, and crispy pastry shell of the treat. 

The first we tried was The Original (Php 49). It has chicken cubes, potatoes, and scrambled egg. The meat and potatoes were tender. Curry was the dominant taste, with its signature kick.

The other variant that we tried was the Beef Supreme (Php 55): ground beef, green peas, potatoes, and hard-boiled egg. Again, curry is the most pronounced component, though here, this taste was more subtle than in The Original.

We liked Auntie Choo's puffs, but we doubt if Filipinos would patronize this treat given its taste is not part of the Filipino's traditional palate.

Auntie Choo Singapore Crispy Puff is on the 3rd floor of SM City Marikina.

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