Monday, June 22, 2015

Quick bite: Cookies by The Bald Baker

We were in UP Town Center yesterday and dropped by the Open Kitchen event where celebrities sold their fare. We chanced upon the corner of The Bald Baker and tried some of his cookies.

During the event, we were able to try the Black Sesame Matchallow (Php 70) cookie. Its flavor is balanced; the matcha taste is not too strong or overpowering. The tea taste is tempered by the nuttiness of the sesame seeds and the subtle sweetness of the melted marshmallows.

After trying one cookie, we decided to buy two more variants. First is the Chocollow (Php 60) cookie: chocolate chip cookies topped with melted marshmallows. It has a nice and satisfying chocolate flavor. We like that the chocolate taste is not the usual milk chocolate kind for kids. The cookie itself is moist and crumbles well. We just wish that it had a tad more saltiness.

The second cookie we bought was the Compost Cookie (Php 65). According to The Bald Baker, this cookie has everything: chocolate chips, rice crispies, potato chips, butterscotch, pretzel, Graham cookie bits, marshmallows, and salted caramel. It doesn't taste bad. It is just that it is not as impressive as it sounds. Considering all the ingredients mentioned, the cookie tastes ordinary.

If you want to try The Bald Baker's cookies, then watch out for food fairs as he participates a lot in these events. If you want more info, look for him on Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Quick bite: Chicken and Ham Katsu and Grilled Pork Teriyaki Bento

New Bento variants from Tokyo Tokyo.

First one is the Chicken and Ham Katsu Bento: flattened chicken fillet, filled with ham and cheese sauce, rolled, then fried. It is served with sweetened gravy. It is delicious. Each chicken roll has a punctuated meaty flavor that is well complemented by the sauce. The chicken though is a just a little over fried, making it look dry and too brown, instead of appetizing and golden.

The other Bento, the Grilled Pork Terikyaki: a chunk of pork belly marinaded and basted with Tokyo Tokyo's tasty teriyaki sauce. Also delicious! There's a good balance of saltiness and sweetness. The meat is tender and moist. The pork belly piece though has a little too much fat. More meat, please!

An order costs Php 224 (with Miso soup, dessert, and a glass of the Red Iced Tea).

Try these Bento meals and judge for yourself. 

Quick bite: Turtle Brownie

A new sweet treat from Starbucks.

It's turtle pie turned into a brownie: gooey brownie dappled with caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and chopped nuts, drizzled with chocolate.

It tastes OK, not too sweet, nothing overpowering. There's also a good mix of textures. The brownie is a tad too gooey though that it sticks to the mouth, making this treat a little difficult to eat.

A piece costs Php 75.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Quick sip: Caramel Triple Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

A new concoction by Starbucks.

It's a Dark Mocha Coffee Jelly Frappuccino with drizzles of caramel sauce and some espresso dust.

It's a little bland. We like the deep, bitter coffee flavor. Too bad though that this taste is subtle. As for the caramel, well, we can barely sense it.

All in all, this new drink is blah, boring.

A Tall order costs Php 175.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Quick bite: Cheesemax!

It is the latest treat from Bibingkinitan.

It is the original bibingka or rice cake, only with more grated cheese on top.

It is a bit of a letdown because the grated cheese doesn't melt well. It stays solid on top, making the bibingka a bit messy to eat. Using a much better, more delicious, and truly quick-melting cheese will make Cheesemax live up to its name.

To be fair, the cake itself is moist and delicious.

A piece costs Php 32.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Quick bite: Krispy Liyempo ni Mang Juan

A relatively new variant of the Mang Juan line of snacks of Jack n Jill.

Crispy chips made of corn and peas, [allegedly] flavored like crispy pork belly and its accompanying liver sauce.

We cannot taste any pork belly or liver sauce flavor. It is all salt, all MSG.

We like the crunch though. But, really, the flavor? Blah..

Try it and judge for yourself.