Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick sip: Instant Oats Caldo

Instant porridge from Quaker Oats! The famous oats company has replaced the white rice in the famous Filipino porridge with oats and ground brown rice. Healthy!

There are two variants: Chicken and Mushroom and Beef and Carrot

The Instant Oats Caldo has good consistency; its consistency is similar to that of authentic porridge or arroz caldo, nice and thick. Its flavors are also similar to that of the beloved Filipino comfort food. It even has hints and the heat of ginger.

The Chicken and Mushroom has small bits of shitake mushrooms that add some woodsy taste to the porridge and that are fun to nibble. The Beef and Carrot has a punctuated meaty flavor that makes each spoonful satisfying.

Try the Instant Oats Caldo and judge for yourself.

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