Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick bite: Kentucky Specials

KFC introduces five new sides to accompany its fried chicken.

First, the Spiced Rice (Php 45): it is [allegedly] herbed rice with tomatoes and bell pepper. Is it good? Well, it doesn't taste bad. But the thing is, it does not taste as it is described. We can't sense any herb, tomato, or bell pepper. It tastes like kiddie spaghetti, the one they serve in at children's parties. And this side is not actually new: it is the SAME rice you'll get when you order a Texas Barbecue Rice Bowl. Clever marketing or false advertising? Naughty, naughty, KFC.

Then, the three pies (Php 45 each). First, the Chicken Pie: minced chicken mixed with potatoes, carrots, and cream, nestling inside a [supposedly] light butter pastry. Sounds good, right? Well, we cannot taste any of that. All we can sense from the feeling is salt, and from the pastry, nothing. Plus, the pastry is too hard, overcooked.

Next is the Ham & Cheese Pie: a mixture of ham, egg, bacon, and cheese inside a [supposedly] delicious pastry. Another disappointment! All we can taste is salt with hints of smokiness from the bacon. Nothing else! It is blah!

The third pie is the Pecan Pie. Finally, a pie that is not bland! It has a good mixture of textures. The taste? It's O-K, nothing great about it. The sweetness is just right.

Finally, the Wildberry Iced Tea. KFC claims that it is their house-blend tea with a sweet wild berry flavor. Well, they're not lying about the sweet part. But wild berry flavor? There is none. It doesn't have the slight sharpness and tartness of REAL berries.

Based on what we have tasted, there's nothing special about the new Kentucky Specials.

Try them and judge for yourself.

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