Monday, May 11, 2015

First scoop at Rita's

On 9 May, Rita's Italian Ice opened a branch at UP Town Center. We've heard a lot about this dessert place and decided to drop by and give its treats a try.

Rita's offers finely shaved ice with flavor, called Ice. It also has ice cream called Frozen Custard, and Gelati, which is Ice with Custard on top.  Before buying, the staff asked us to try three Ice flavors: Smores, Fudge Brownie, and Cookies & Cream. Then we bought a Regular-sized Gelati (Php 130) with Strawberry Cheese Cake as our Ice and Light Vanilla for our Frozen Custard. We also bought a Regular serving (Php 125) of the Coffee Frozen Custard.

All of the Ice variants had subtle flavors; their sugary sweetness was too pronounced and sharp. Quite a letdown honestly. As for the Frozen Custard, well, the Coffee was OK, delicious. The Light Vanilla had, well, light flavor, almost all sugar. We liked the consistency though, thick and velvety.

All in all, Rita's treats didn't taste extraordinary to merit the high price tag. The ordinary taste also confirmed our suspicion that the hype around Rita's was all made by bandwagon posers and social climbers.

Rita's Italian Ice is on the 2nd level of UP Town Center.

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