Friday, May 15, 2015

First scoop at Milkcow Philippines

We were at the Eastwood Mall one evening and decided to drop by Milkcow to have some much needed dessert.

Milkcow boasts of organic soft serve ice cream from South Korea. We tried some of their ice cream concoctions.

First is the basic variant, the Milky Way (Php 110). It is made [allegedly] from organic milk. And milky it was! In fact, we found it a little too rich. Nakakaumay

Then, the Macao Dream (Php 170): milk ice cream with a macaron and almond slivers. We chose the Red Velvet macaron for ours. The macaron was O-K, nothing great about it taste wise. It was of high quality though. The almonds were crisp but a tad too bland.

Next, the Milky Honey (Php 150): milk ice cream with "natural liquid honey." This one was good. The honey tempered the richness of the milk ice cream. Delicious.

Then, the Milky Pearl (Php 150): milk ice cream with hazelnut syrup, sea salt, and cocoballs. Now this one was given to us too salty. All we could taste was salt and milk! The cocoball was OK; it provided good chocolate flavor and the needed crunch.

Then the Milky Pop (Php 150): milk ice cream with caramel and caramel popcorn. This was the best we had. The caramel had ample depth and sweetness. And the popcorn was popped well, adding texture to the treat.

Lastly, a new flavor, the Choco Puff (Php 150): milk ice cream with dark chocolate syrup and marshmallows. It tasted like Jollibee's sundae, only a little blander. 

All in all, considering the food we had, we found the fare here overpriced. The tastes were not extraordinary enough to merit the prices.

The place looked good. It was a little cramped though, and it needed better air conditioning.

As for the staff, they were attentive and nice. They just need to smile more.

Milkcow is at the Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City.

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