Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First bite at I Am Kim

We were in Estancia Mall one morning and decided to drop by I Am Kim, a restaurant that offers "build-your-own" bibimbap. They have lots of ready-made bibimbap on their menu, but we wanted to have fun and chose to make our own.

First, we had to choose the kind of rice (Japanese, Organic Brown, Organic Red, and Black Rice). Then, we had to pick 2 kinds of sauce to flavor our dish (Gocuchang, Bulgogi, Umami Butter, Chimichuri, Roasted Garlic Paste, Spring Onion Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Chili Jam, Superior Soy Sauce). After that, we had to choose 2 kinds of meat (BBQ Short Ribs Kitayama Wagyu, BBQ Squid Lemongrass, BBQ Squid, Fried Tofu, Raw Beef Tartare, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Tofu, Raw Tuna, Korean Sausages, BBQ Chicken Spicy, BBQ Pork Belly, BBQ Prawns , BBQ Prawns Spicy , Raw Salmon, Beef Bulgogi, Meat of the Day). Then, we picked the kind of egg we wanted on top of our rice (Sunny Side Up, Poached, Raw). Finally, we needed to choose 3 veggies (spinach, carrots, green peas, mushrooms, zucchini, fried onions, bean sprouts, bok choy, vegetable of the day).

We chose the Medium size for our customized bibimbap (Php 370). As an additional order, we bought a plate of Korean Fried Dumplings (Php 170).

Our bibimbap was delicious! It had a nice mixture of sweet, savory, woodsy, and earthy flavors. We loved that Umami Butter! And having brown rice was a good choice. It added some depth to our dish. Our only complaint was the squid for it became a little tough, being on a hot stone for longer than a few minutes.

Our bibimbap became even more delicious when we put dollops of Bulgogi sauce and Goguchang paste. We especially liked the paste because it was flavorful, not just all heat. By the way, the rice meal came with a small serving of kimchi and creamy, cheesy marble potatoes, and both were yummy.

The Korean Fried Dumplings were double-fried dumplings that are filled with minced meat and mushroom. They were served with shiso leaves (an herb related to mint) and one was supposed to eat with these leaves wrapped around the fried stuff.

The dumplings were a little salty, and the shiso tempered this saltiness with its coriander-like taste.

All in all, we found the food here amply delicious, although a bit overpriced. As for the place, well, it could be made classier, and the stools more comfortable.

As for service, waiting time for our food was acceptable, and our waiter Manuel was attentive and friendly.

Based on our first experience, there's a big chance that we'll come back and eat some more.

I Am Kim is in Estancia Mall, Pasig City.

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  1. I like Korea berry much, they had tasteful kimchi and nice hot bowl, I also met many Kim in Korea, they all look Chinese Japanese so I cannot remember there faces

    Dumpling is rely good! they have a turon sauce coatening in it that makes it very sweet like UFC. The leafs in the dumplings are not delicious it tastes likes a caterpillar food.