Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick bite at S&R New York Style Pizza

Place: Cool and spacious. It's just noisy because of the talkative customers. The area for condiments is quite messy, so is the area where the toilet is.

Food: Generally, the taste of the food is below average.

First on the table is a BIG slice of Cheese Pizza (Php 99): the crust is quite stale. The pizza sauce is a little too sour. And the cheese flavor is too subtle. But the worst part, our pizza is served cold.

Next, the Beef Hot Dog Sandwich (Php 99.95 for two sandwiches): a BIG piece of a meaty, juicy, and flavorful beef hot dog, nestling in a soft, average-tasting bun. One can put onions, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup at the condiments area. It's OK, not bad. It tastes like the Jolly Hot Dog of Jollibee.

Then, we have some Bavarian Churro (Php 44 for two pieces): fried dough pastry with bavarian cream filling. The pastry itself isn't bad; it's soft and tasty. The filling though is bland. It has good consistency but lacks flavor.

For our drink, we have a cup of iced tea. TOO SWEET!

Price: Considering taste and size, food here is not worth your money.

Service: OK. The cashiers and servers are friendly, courteous, and alert.

S&R New York Style Pizza is at ground floor of the Le Grand 2 Building at Eastwood City.

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  1. I love the cheese pizza its chew-able