Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First sip at Habitual Coffee

We were at Ortigas/CW Home Depot one afternoon and dropped by Habitual Coffee to try their caffeinated concoctions and have a bite.

Place: The café shares space with an interior design company, in a building that is going to be torn down. The place is a tad disorganized. Owner says though that they're moving to Makati.

Food: First on our table was a cup of AeroPressed (the café's chosen way of brewing coffee) Mocha (Php 160). It was delicious and comforting. We liked the deep, punctuated flavors of the chocolate and coffee blending together into one flavorful drink. There was none of the common, milk chocolate cum coffee powder flavor. Just serious, adult mocha.

Next, a glass of some Cold Brew Black (Php 140). Another delicious drink! At first sip, we sensed a good hint of acidity, leading to a rounded, bitter aftertaste. It's good, strong, and refreshing.

Along with our drinks, we tried some of the dishes they offer. We had a Four Hour Brisket Sandwich (Php 220): tender, sweet brisket, nestling between buttered bread, with gooey cheese. Good subtle flavors. Nothing was overpowering anything. We liked the flakiness of the bread's crust and the way the bread was perfectly charred. We preferred better chips though to go with the sandwich.

Laslty, we had some Lace Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (Php 140): thin chocolate chip cookies with a vanilla ice cream filling. Yum! Nothing was too sweet. The ice cream was smooth. The cookies had the right crisp and were filled with delightful chocolate flavor.

Price: Considering food type, taste, and quality, we found their fare reasonably priced.

Serving: The staff was friendly and warm. Waiting time for the coffee was understandable considering the AeroPress process.

For now, Habitual Coffee is at the Ortigas/CW Home Depot, Pasig City.

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